Registration and Call for Papers

If you want to join the conference without a paper, >please register here.

The Call for Papers has ended on September 15. Thanks to everyone who has submitted an exposé! Any papers handed in late cannot be accepted anymore.

Conference fees for the participation in the congress with or without a presentation in one of the sections:

  • The fee for the conference is 80 € for each person.
  • For members of the International Hegel Society the fee is 50 € (please include a proof of payment of your annual membership fee).
  • The conference fee for students up to the age of 30 years is 20 € (please include a valid student card).

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Until January 31st, 2014 cancellations will be accepted with a refund of 50%. Any cancellations after this date will not receive a refund.

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30. International Hegel Conference | Dr.-Karl-Lueger-Ring 1  | 1010 Vienna